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Review: Custom Watch Band

made by Mark over at

Firstly - I don’t review things unless

1. Its not been reviewed-to-death and
2. I think they are an exceptional item.

Mark made me a custom leather watchband/strap for my timex weekender. It’s a hand cut, hand stitched, tanned/dyed, 20mm band with stainless hardware and plenty of adjustment holes.

I have been wearing this band for about three weeks and have enjoyed it every step of the way. The band is a great fit and finish.  The stitching is neat and tidy, no loose ends sticking out. The band is by far the nicest in my leather collection. It is soft on the wrist and plenty strong. I like that it has natural color variation - in my opinion it adds to the hand made - character. The band is getting more and more comfortable by the day - as leather does. Working with Mark on this was easy and worry free. Hes open, honest, fast and great at what hes does. I would recommend leather from GYPSONITE to anyone.

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